Shipping information

-All shipping quotes are to the lower 48 for freight.   For quotes outside of that, please reach out to us. Eastern time zone or montana, due to distance jumps in freight cost, averaging about $450 for a single item.  Canadian freight shipping runs on average $850 USD -  if it can get done - the Covid monster has ruined the option for the most part.  For either, please email for a quote.
Non freight items: Non P.O. box addressed are needed. Shipping arrival ETA's are just that, estimated.  We do not guarantee shipping dates or arrival dates.  We set the date the item is available to pick up.  It is then scheduled with the freight company when they will service and pick up.  Freight will call you to pick up your item. Failure to pick up will result in storage fees to be paid by you, or if too long they will ship it back to us, also incurring more fees. Any and all extra fees are responsibility of the customer and you will be billed for those items. 
-Any powdercoat items MUST go freight (excluding hitch skids). 

- TUNDRA BUMPERS currently do not have a flat rate, so please reach out for a quote. 

-Freight requirements: freight flat rate is to local terminal, or to a commercial address.  Commercial address is defined as a regular business address with a dock or forklift, with no limitations on access or availability.  Anything deemed limited access by a courier, or residential deliveries will see an upcharge for the shipping.  Please let us know if your delivery is a commercial address so we can confirm everything.
-For multiple item freight, residential services is not available.  The weight of multiple items exceeds the lift gate rating, so must be commercial address or nearest terminal. flat rate applies to first item, each additional large item is +$75 for freight. (this does not apply to adding hitch skids, swag, or small items.) Example would be just a single Tacoma bumper being flat rate $300.  A bumper and sliders will be $375, and so on. When you order, you will only pay the $300 flat rate.  When order is ready to ship, we will send an invoice for the additional freight if needed (you can request an invoice from us where we can set up and bill the correct shipping amount. 
-Notification of delivery location: when you order, please state if it is for a commercial address or residential, or terminal pickup.  IF NO INFORMATION IS PROVIDED WE WILL DEFAULT TO TERMINAL PICKUP.



When you receive your item from freight it is important to look it over and make sure that the items are actually good if you receive them as good. Or if they are damaged do either reject them or get a damaged receipt for the items. If you get your stuff and are missing any hardware, just let us know and we can either get stuff out to you or reimburse your costs for hardware if it's faster for you to get them yourself.