3rd Gen Tacoma Warthog Front Winch Bumper

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Finally an off-road style tube bumper is here for the 3rd Gen Tacoma.  Simple design, classic styling, and ready for whatever the trail throws at you, the Warthog is the answer for those who don't want to be stuck with an oversized expedition style front end.

We do offer the Ultra HC option. This definitely requires trimming/modifying the lower grill support depending on winch.  Ideal for those who want as much approach angle as possible, getting the winch a little higher up, and a  protected fairlead.  Not an option ideal for those who don't want to modify their truck more than a standard bumper.  This is definitely a "wheelers choice".

Grill hoops - We can tailor the hoop to the height you want.  Higher or lower, we can make a setup that works for you. We do not make any reference to compatibility with TSS.  

we can totally make this in a smooth front with a plate running the whole length and recessed d-ring mounts.  If that's what you're looking for shoot us and email!

- 3/16" Laser cut steel mounting bracket.
- 8 total mounting points, securing the bumper and winch to the truck.
- 1/4" winch and fairlead mount.  (Note, some winches may require relocating the control box to clear the lower grill support bracket.)
- 1.75OD x .120 wall American made DOM tubing.
- 1" D-ring/shackle mounts
- Includes front "skin" upone request.  
- Offered in bare steel.
***Due to size, these must ship freight.   Bare bumper weight is 80lbs.  Because of this we have set up a standard shipping option for front bumpers, please select "Bumper/slider" option on the shipping screen.  Non commercial addresses will require an additional $100 fee for residential delivery prior to shipping, or a pickup at the nearest available freight terminal - terminal will depend on where you are and who can carry it there.  ***
Please allow a 3 week build time. May ship in black base coat.