Harrier Plate Front Bumper

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The AV-8C Harrier
(this item is currently only offered for the 3rd gen)

Plate bumpers have been around for forever it seems.  Yet, the way they are made seems to go unchanged, and unchallenged.  Big goofy shackle mounts.  Winch lines pointed down to the ground.  Exposed fairleads. Big, heavy, bulky bodies.  The list goes on. So, as per usual, we wanted to throw our little spin on it.  The Harrier is like its namesake, to AV-8C, a simple concept, modified to work better in battle for those that need it most. 

Lets start with the basics:
-Winch tray is 8" x 29.5" max size.  Height of winch will determine need to trim lower -grill support or not.   
-3/16 steel mainframe
-1/4 steel winch tray
-3/16 winch tray supports
-3/8 shackle mount w/ 1.5" .250 wall through tube
-3/16 steel wings and braces
-Lower mount brace through bolt.

What sets it apart:

-Recessed shackle mount.  Clearance is everything.  Instead of sticking it way out there, we pulled the shackle mount back into the dead space on the bumper.  the 3/8" piece is tied directly to the 3/16 side plate with a .250 tube guide for the bolt/pin, as well as to the winch tray, and the bumper mount, right where the bumper attaches to the frame horn.  Tying to to all the different pieces helps spread the load, while pulling closer to the mount, instead of leveraged way out in front of bumper.

-Custom Lettering.  Yep, you read that right.  Want your rig name, "Taco", or something else cut into the front of your bumper, we can do that.  (no profanity, copy-write, or trademark) The font will be what is shown in photos and will have a 12 character limit.  Please email us prior to selecting so we can approve the option. If you select plain, this will come with the flat front panel, we can cut our logo at no additional cost, just let us know.+$150.00

-Light mount options.  Yes, we heard you on the tube bumpers, and are offering a few options for light mounts.  We can do the slots on the top deck for lighting options, as well as slotted brackets on the tube wings for light options as well.  You will be able to dial in the look and lights you are looking for.  +$30

-Winch protection/access. Most bumpers leave the winch super exposed.  Depending on the style of bumper, that is inevitable.  However, on a plated center, it makes no sense to not protect the winch and line from the elements as much as possible.  Winch lever and control box access are done from the sides.  Preventing any large voids in the front that would allow grime and debris to get to the parts that matter.  


- These items will ship freight, requiring a commercial address or pickup at the  nearest terminal.  Residential delivery is available, but there is a substantial upcharge from the courier.  Please select "Bumpers/sliders" shipping option - flat rate in lower 48.  

- Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time for the product before shipping information is provided.  Depending on your location, and the courier used, specific shipping days may be used.  This item will ship bare (may be shipped in a black base coat.  This coat is not intended to be a final finish, it is purely to prevent oxidation in transit.

Pictures soon!  This is the same center section as our two hybrid models.