Tomcat Rear Bumper Tacoma.

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The Tomcat
"Because I was inverted..."
It is a line most of us know, and can remember clearly.  Much like the scene in the movie, this bumper is inverted from our F4 Phantom HC rear bumper, with a straight lower tube, and an upper protective tube under the tail lamp, that follows the 3rd gen bedside body line. (no body line on the 2nd gen trucks, however the tube will follow same dimensions.  )


100# weight 

- 1.75 .120 HREW or DOM. 

- Available in open tube, flat filler, or dimpled filler panels.

- New HD brackets are 3/8" thick, tying into all tube components.

- Built in recovery/shackle point.  Just like our Osprey front, we minimized the impact of your shackle mount, all while letting you pull directly on the bracket to the frame. 

-HD receiver mount.  We heard you loud and clear, you wanted a more prominent hitch option.  The new setup not only ties into the 3 main tubes, but also has .250 wall box supports that tie directly into the frame mounts.

-Machined tube end caps.  Wheel well side tube ends will be finished with machined domed tube caps, creating a nice clean look.  

- As always, brackets are laser cut and materials are all made in the USA.

Please see the Swingout item to make this bumper a tire carrier option.

- These items will ship freight, requiring a commercial address or pickup at the  nearest terminal.  Residential delivery is available, but there is a substantial upcharge from the courier.  Please select "Bumpers/sliders" shipping option - flat rate in lower 48.  

- Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time for the product before shipping information is provided.  Depending on your location, and the courier used, specific shipping days may be used.  This item will ship bare (may be shipped in a black base coat.  This coat is not intended to be a final finish, it is purely to prevent oxidation in transit.)