3rd Gen Tacoma Sheridan Sliders - Deposit

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These are coming back!  Slight design changes, Loads more strength.  

Double Cab Short Bed (DCSB) or Access Cab fit

-Direct Bolt on, NO drilling required 

-86” overall length  

-1.75" round tube, available in DOM only

-3/16" CNC main frame bracket with 3/8" cab mount tie in plates.

- Legs are boxed 3/16 plate with built in gusset.

-standard 20*

- no bends.  Ends are tapered to provide the best protection after the rear door. Ends are boxed 3/16 to cap the sliders providing the most strength possible. 

-Hardware included.

-These do ship raw.

- Shipping billed when order is completed and rest of balance is due.  Shipping runs average of $120.

Rock sliders are one of the most important parts of armor, especially on a long truck like the Tacoma.  We kept finding other sliders were either cut real short, hung awkwardly low, or had flimsy mounting options.   The frame bracket is 3/16" CNC cut, using factory provided holes, to keep things nice and tight to the frame without putting heavy loads on one specific spot.   We also have built in sandwich plates for the frame to allow more clamping force and prevent deflection, without the need to drill.  If you have off-roaded much, you know dropping the front off of ledges or rocks can lead to a big 'BANG' and the sliders take a brunt of that.  We are the FIRST ones tying into the front cab mount to help support the load the front of the sliders see in these situations, and ONLY ones using a large plate that can take the load.   Don't worry, the bracket, and the sliders, sit far enough back to clear your Cab Mount Chop, and larger tires.  (relocate kits with a tie in for our sliders are in the works.) 
  For those that know they are heavy abusers, and want that extra little strength, the option is there to drill and add hardware.  

Have any questions?  Want other pictures?  Give us a shout!

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