GX 470 Sheridan sliders

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Short (literally) and to the point.  The sliders do work on most any rig.  They are available with or without the bolt on top plate.  If you want to add them later, they are a simple 6 bolt per side install.  

-1.75 dom tube
-Machine tube end caps
-available aluminum top plate (these are more aesthetic than step.  The sliders fit well under the door for a tight fit.  Loading them WILL create a bow in the aluminum, Great for preventing gravel and debris kick up from underneath.  6 bolt per side bolt on.  Can be added after the fact.  )
-frame bracket hooks under the inside of the frame rail.
-full bolt on
-only available 0*

these were fit on a standard non KDSS set up GX.  No claim to compatibility with Lexus enhanced suspension systems.  Does slide under fuel tank skid mount at frame.