Shock hoops

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Once you reach a certain point in your build, shocks become a big player in how your truck feels and performs.  A common modification is to add shock hoops to the rear to allow for longer, and sometimes larger, rear shocks.  We recommend plating the frame where you plan to install these to make sure frames can handle the load.
- These are 1.75"OD .120 wall tubing.  
- Ship bare steel as welding will be required.
- Ships 2x hoop, 4x 1.75" capped ends
- Our standard size is 17.5" tall, 18"wide.
- We do offer double bent tubes as well as DOM, and custom sized options.  For anything other than the standard setup, please email and see what we can work out for you.

*Due to variety of shock mounting options, we do not ship with shock tab included.