Tacoma UCA/Shock kit

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So you are wanting to take on the big suspension job.  Fighting the long single bolt of the UCA, the crazy caster inclination in the bracket, the top hat conversion for your coilover, and then still need to sort out a bypass mount -  sounds like a lot of fun right?  What other choice do you have?

We spent a lot of time on the WarRig working on a set up to answer those needs.  Here is what you get:
-Full boxed, tab and slot Laser cut 3/16 brackets
-Double shear UCA mounts
-Individual UCA bolts, no more shared single bolt
-Removed caster inclination (it stays where you set it, not changing in wheel travel)
-1/2" eyelet mount for coilover (set up for a standard 2.5-8" C/O 
-3" wide upper C/O mount lets you adjust angle on the upper mount for clearance as needed, or just center it up
-Bypass mount, 1/2" eyelet, 3" wide.  
-Frame plating - cut to prevent high stress load point, fit in to low points of frame to provide a flush outer frame surface, spreads the load of the new mounts

The kit is tabbed and slotted to keep original upper orientation, however you can adjust the mounts to slide forward if you need to match a lower relocation.  UCA boxes are built for width to accept factory upper arms, or arms with same mounting width.  This kit allows for the full cycle of the 8" coil over - dependent on your systems mechanical bind and set up.  

This kit is built and designed for the front of the 05+ tacoma.  However, keep in mind due to variances in frame fitment, factory welds, and how well you clean/prep the area, you may need to do final/light touch up for exact fitment -  it should be extremely close if frame is cleaned well.  
Shipping to lower 48 is included in the cost.