Warthog non winch Front bumper 2g/3g Tacoma

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We get a lot of requests for different options, changes, or variations to the bumpers we offer.  The Warthog front bumper is no different.  Here are the two variations we are offering for folks that are our most common requests.  

Like the warthog, but do not want to mount a winch full time?  Have a hitch mount winch that works front and rear and need a bumper to work with that?  We have you covered.  The build is exact same as the standard Warthog front bumper, with these changes.
-No winch tray/ fairlead mount.
-2" receiver tube centered (braced and gusseted )
-No shackle mounts (clearance issues with winch mounted receivers)

With this option, weight is almost identical to the standard Warthog.  As the winch is stuck out quite far with a tray, extreme care should be taken for winching and extreme angle winching should be avoided when possible.  


Like the look, but no need for a winch, or all the weight?  The Desert Runner option is for you.  No winch tray or main cross bar.  A simple bolt on aluminum Skin covers the front.  The mounting plate is slimmed down and 3/16 instead of 1/4 to help save weight (roughly 65#). The main hoop is stopped at the corners with no lateral kick back toward the wheel well. 

The initial purchase on the order is a deposit. Once the item is built you will be sent an invoice to pay for the physical item and shipping (if required). We will be doing direct rate shipping so it will vary by area and order. Average single item shipping is in the mid to high 200's. Some areas are more. Some are less. 

Please be sure to read the TOS tab so you understand the process and how this will work prior to clicking that you have read and agree.  We are not responsible for you not reading the TOS.  You MUST agree and state having read and understood them to complete purchase.  

Any questions please email info@warfabarmor