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Ready to quit hitting the stupid spots below your bumper, or ripping your frame horns apart?   Here's a starter kit for those of you looking to gain some clearance and beef up the front. THIS KIT IS GOING TO REQUIRE CUTTING, GRINDING, DRILLING, SETTING UP FOR FITMENT. 

If you are not able to see the pieces of the puzzle and get them where they need to be. This is not for you.  

This is not a bumper.  This is a front chop kit which has new bumper mounting plate and fairlead mount for you to build a front bumper off of.  I do not know any production bumpers this will work with.  This is just a piece of the puzzle for you to start with.  For 3rd gen guys the steering cooler is suggested to be converted to a better style mounted in engine bay.  Otherwise, fitting them against skid is a possibility. 

Here IS what's included : 

Frame sleeves - 2x2 3/16 wall (may be 1/4 as 3/16 wall can be hard to get at times) .

Frame horn plates - these are same bolt pattern as factory, in a 1/4" thickness. Has additional hole to tie in up top body mount. Holes are also bored out to larger size for 1/2" hardware.  

Replacement xmember - also 2x2 3/16 (same conditions as above for thickness). This is drilled through for lower bumper/skid plate hardware. THIS WILL NEED FINISH GRINDING FOR EXACT FIT. THE WELDS AND PLACEMENT ON EACH FRAME IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT. As is the case it is better to leave material to be ground for exact fit than to leave gaps to try and fill.  


Bumper bracket - 1/4 plate bumper with lower section removed from standard to complete the higher chop.  

Winch tray - 1/4" winch tray with built in fairlead mount.  Standard 10x4.5 pattern.  

1"od sleeve - this sleeve is used to space frame horn plates to the upper body mount.  Creates another higher tie in point. 

Front skid plate and tie in plate - new front skid plate meant for the chop. This also has an additional plate that can be welded to your current mid skids to make sure there is compatibility. Trim you mid skid and weld in the tie in plate, then bolt together.  Has the additional ribs/braces for you to use.  


If you have questions please reach out ahead of time.  This is a very involved basis to a frame chop. 

Shipping is going to run roughly 70 due to weight. Will be billed when these are cut and ready to ship.