Lead times

Lead times.  A big question for anyone looking at ordering parts.  

We have material on hand ahead of any orders placed.  Any items listed out of stock is due to us not having the items/materials in hand already. 

The top banner lists current batch, next batch items as well as how many orders are currently in the queue to be built.  This is the rarest we can be for transparency about order status and what's being built when and how busy we are.

With that, we will not quote, estimate, guestimate, ballpark, roughly say, or any other variation of the above for lead times.   Some batches take longer. Some timing works that you just catch the next batch or just missed the recent batch. Some batches are repeated before others due to volume.  Due to this timing is always different every day, for every new order.  


So, if you like the information and what you see listed, then great.  If you don't like it or are unsure, that's great too.  We update the banner at the end of each week and try to keep it as informative as possible.