Terms of Service

Purchases and Orders

Purchases made through this website are subject to the Terms of Service and conditions of cancellations, refunds, and shipping. 
Initial purchases are a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, they are not for a physical product.  There is no discount listed, only the 50% of cost to be paid as the deposit. When the item(s) are completed and ready for pick up or shipping - with any rates or discounts being applied from the INITIAL deposit timeframe, not the completion time frame, an invoice for the physical/finished product.  Any items that are in stock and readily available will be sold at the full price as there is not a lead time for them. However, please allow us to process the order and get packaged to ship.  Upon submission of the deposit, the order will be reviewed and a deposit form will be sent to you for the order.  
If you choose to cancel your order, you will forfeit your deposit.  Again, your initial purchase is not for the items, it is a deposit for a place in line to be built, your second invoice when the item(s) is completed is for the actual item(s). Custom orders or requests are non refundable in their entirety as they are being built specifically per request. 
Change orders may or may not be available on an order after it is made.  Please be sure to ask questions and clarify order prior to submission. All items are shipped raw steel. 

If, for any reason, you do not agree with, or feel exempt from these terms, do not use our website.   
Order acceptance and cancellation

You agree that your order is an offer to buy, under these terms, all products and services listed on your order.  All orders must be accepted by us or we are not under any obligation to sell the products or services to you.  We may, at our sole discretion, choose not to accept orders, even after a confirmation email for the order has been sent with details.  
WarFab inc. stands behind their products for manufacturing and material defects.  We recommend customers inspect, test fit, and generally look over their items before install or coating the product.  Coating the product may limit the ability to return/exchange the item. Any returns/exchanges are eligible for a 20% restock fee application.  

Force Majeure

We will not be liable or responsible to you, nor be deemed to have defaulted or breached these terms, for any failure or delay in our performance or delivery when and to the extent such failures or delays is caused by or results from acts or circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, flood, fire, earthquake, avalanche, government action, riots, civil unrest, strikes, lockouts, or restraints or delays affecting carriers or suppliers  inability in obtaining adequate or suitable materials, or telecommunication breakdowns due to loss of power. 


Non freight items: Non P.O. box addressed are needed. Included shipping for non freight items is for CONUS ONLY!  For out of CONUS please reach out for a quote. We are not responsible for "porch thefts".  We only have 15 days from when package is supposed to arrive to file claim. If you wait longer than that to notify us we are not able to file a claim!
Freight items: we can ship to terminal, commercial address, or residence (some orders may not be available for liftgate/residential delivery).  
freight requirements: freight rate is to local terminal, or to a commercial address.  Commercial address is defined as a regular business address with a dock or forklift, with no limitations on access or availability.  Anything deemed limited access by a courier, or residential deliveries will see an upcharge for the shipping.  Please let us know if your delivery is a commercial address so we can confirm everything.  
Notification of delivery location: when you order, please state if it is for a commercial address or residential, or terminal pickup.  IF NO INFORMATION IS PROVIDED WE WILL DEFAULT TO TERMINAL PICKUP.

All items will receive direct freight costs per order.  If you need an exact quote prior to order, we can get you one.  As a general rule, MOST items are in the high $200's for CONUS freight terminal/commercial address delivery.  The further away, or larger the item is being shipped, the more the costs go up.  PLEASE BE AWARE AS FUEL INCREASES AND MORE LIMITS ARE PUT ON COMMERCIAK TRUCKS, THE MORE SHIPPING GOES UP. 
Shipping arrival ETA's are just that, estimated.  We do not guarantee shipping dates or arrival dates.  We set the date the item is available to pick up.  It is then scheduled with the freight company when they will service and pick up. (We provide BOL info when they accept the shipment and approve the load.  Then when it is picked up we will provide the pro number aka the tracking number as that's when they give it to us. If you provide us the correct email we will give that to them so they can email you the update as well. The BOL is not a tracking number. Just what they provide as a confirmation of the load.)  Freight will call you to pick up your item. Failure to pick up will result in storage fees to be paid by you, or if too long they will ship it back to us, also incurring more fees. Any and all extra fees are responsibility of the customer and you will be billed for those items. Inspect your items upon delivery.  Accepting damaged items as good freight limits our ability to make it right with the freight company.  If you get your item(s) and are missing any hardware, just let us know and we can either get replacements out to you, or reimburse you for hardware if it's faster for you to get them yourself.

We do not use shipping set up by the customer.  Item(s) need to be picked up at the shop, or have shipping paid for.  
All items are completed and shipped in a raw form unless otherwise specifically stated on the order.

Governing jurisdiction

This site is operated from Colorado, United States.  All matters arising from these TOS are governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the state of Colorado.  
WarFab inc. stands behind their products for manufacturing and material defects. We recommend customers inspect, test fit, and generally look over their items before install or coating the product. Coating the product may limit the ability to return/exchange the item. Items found to be of defect will be exchanged/corrected and returned to customer. Please submit photos or videos to show us what issue needs addressed so we can resolve in a timely manner. 
Cancelling of orders is not available for items purchase during a sale or special pricing event, or for custom built to spec orders. 
Returns/exchange will be up to the customer to ship, UNLESS shown to be under the 'defect' scenario.
Returns/exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of shipping the product.
We will provide return shipping based off how the item was shipped originally. If you picked up from a terminal, it will need shipped from a terminal. If sent to a commercial address, we will set it up to be picked up from that commercial address. 

By checking the box to accept these Terms, you affirm that:
- you have read and understand the shipping, cancellations, returns, and these general TOS agreements,
- you agree to comply with these terms, AND
- you are of legal age in your place of residence, and legally competent to enter into a legal agreement.