Rock n Runner Chop kit tube bumper

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Looking for the most clearance on your Tacoma?  Don't want to deal with flimsy bumpers meant for cars and coffee, but rather rocks and trails?

The Rock n Runner is great mix of clearance, light weight, strength, and a proven history of taking on big rocks, or pre running trails or desert.  2" DOM tube mounted to the .250" mounting plate and winch tray, this bumper is intended to work with our chop kit for the frame horn and cross member.  oversized bolt holes allow for the .500" hardware, and a total of 10 mounting points. The 3G Tacoma's have a nasty overbite of a front grill.  Trimming it to 2G Tacoma height allows for better clearance, a more balanced aesthetic, and just overall better package. It doesn't get more functional and high clearance than this.  

***** the chop kit is sold separately.*******