E.B.M. 2/3G DCSB Tacoma rear 3 link kit

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These kits are available combined with an install ONLY.  The kit will be installed per truck based of each vehicles specific weights/ setup to maximize usability.  To order, please email Mike@warfabarmor.com to set up install timeframe and total costs.  

Pics are of a truck on a (small) 35" tire and fiberglass. Stock bed sides will require more trimming. Wheel specs are 17x9.5 -18 with a 2" spacer as shown.   You will need this width/offset minimum or wider.  

Ez Bros Metalworks tacoma rear 3 link.  
We are a distributor for the EBM kits.  
These are designed to work with dcsb tacoma, on a 35-37" tire and 18-19" frame height. Truck geometry is based on 5370 total weight with a 3140 front weight.  Our calculated CoG off those numbers let us design this kit with a low/mid 70's Anti squat.  We have a positive 1.9 roll inclination at ride height that dives negative very quickly on compression which paired with the roughly 53" panhard creates a nice stable ride.  
Trailing arms are built with boxed and layered 3/16 plate meaning the arms average a 3/8" thickness.  The shocks are set up below centerline of the mounts to create a great "canoe" setup, but we still run an antiwobble up front.  Axle side lower mounts are flush with the bottom of the frame to prevent brackets hanging down and creating a hang up point.  Especially due to the location, as that's the break over point for these trucks climbing large ledges.  Total axle swing is just under 1" over the full suspension cycle (when set up as designed).  Pinion angle stays low change and does not create any bind.  
Trailing arm 3 link. Fabricated lower arms, pinch bolt bung axle end, single shock setup.
2" OD .250 wall upper and panhard.  All TMR 1.25 lifetime heim ends, with anti wobble in front of trailing arm.  
Fits under the bed (relocated fuel filler)
14" shock Dual 14" springs  250/300. or 14"250 over 16" 250 suggested setup 
RPI 3/4" hardware - if selected 
Does not include shocks, bumps/cans, brakelines or straps. You also need 30" or longer rear brake lines.  
Maintains stock wheelbase or you can push slightly. 
Designed around the 8.75 rear axle.

Setup for 8" up, 12"+ down travel (depending on how you chose to limit travel/trim) overall 20"+ of travel available depending on how you want to set the truck up.  
For full bump you will need to notch crossmembers and weld in the supplied filler pieces.  
We are working on a tuned shock package designed around this kit so you can get tuned shocks specific to it and your truck for best overall performance.  shocks should have a 90* fitting for resi hose at the shock body.  
Brackets and mounts all key into the frame and each other for easy positioning.  

By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you understand and agree that it is built for your order.  Any cancellations will be held to the cancellation/restock fees outlined in our Terms of Service.  You understand this means that a 20% fee will be withheld from any cancellations of your order.  This is to cover materials and parts purchased for your order/build.