A question we get quite often is about sponsorship or about being a brand ambassador.  First, let's separate the two, and cover both individually. 


SPONSORSHIP: currently we do not have any race programs active.  We are too far behind in the shop to be active in the track community.  We are hoping to get back to the dirt in the 2023 season.  As of now, 2022 does not offer any racer sponsorship programs. 


If you have a special event, be it toys for tots, wounded warrior event, trail cleanup raffle, or similar, please email Mike or Ashley at Info@warfabarmor.com  with information about your event. 



AMBASSADORS: let's just clear the air, we do not do social media ambassadors.  We firmly believe it is a large part of killing the community and integrity of the ohv lifestyle.  If you ask for free stuff so you can help our exposure, you'll likely be ignored.  

We have several folks who are active in the community, actively help others, actively take care of trails, and are out using products that we help support.  They do not advertise for us, they just are a part of the community and run our stuff.  They simply do what they love, and we support that.  Those people may have a way to help you, if you are interested in buying products from us.  Only way to know is to get out there, Interact, and be a part of your community.