E.B.M. 2/3G DCSB Tacoma rear 3 link kit

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Ez Bros Metalworks tacoma rear 3 link.  
We are a distributor for the EBM kits.  
These are designed to work with dcsb tacoma, on a 35-37" tire and 18" frame height.
Trailing arm 3 link. Fabricated lower arms, pinch bolt bung axle end, single shock setup.
2" OD .250 wall upper and panhard.  All TMR 1.25 lifetime heim ends, with anti wobble in front of trailing arm.  
Fits under the bed (relocated fuel filler)
14" shock
RPI 3/4" hardware
Does not include shocks, bumps, or straps.  
Maintains stock wheelbase.
Designed around the 8.75 rear axle.
Setup for 8" up, 10"+ down travel (depending on how you chose to limit travel/trim)
Brackets and mounts all key into the frame and each other for easy positioning.  Axle side has jig for ease of install of brackets.  

***** this kit requires heavy welding, exhaust modification, relocation of fuel filler neck, etc.  It is not for the mild installer.  Incorrect installation will cause undesired performance from the kit.  Due to weight of pieces and sizing, this will ship freight.