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Found the rear you want, now looking to add a swing out to it?  This is your place.  

Our bumpers are rock crawler focused: no unnecessary junk and minimalistic.  The swing outs work the same. 

Modular swing outs:
The panels are modular and can be removed entirely, or bolt up a variety of items in whatever configuration works for you.  All arms are half arms. Swing out will come with tire mount.

Weight is roughly 40#.   

The latch system is now a Southco compression clamp instead of the red handle destaco 341 clamps( 7-27) as standard.

Latch is under the arm, adjustable, and supports swing arm load. 


You can order swing arm after the fact if you wish to install/weld it on yourself. 

If you order same time as your bumper purchase it will be default be installed. 

Please be sure to read the TOS tab so you understand the process and how this will work prior to clicking that you have read and agree.  We are not responsible for you not reading the TOS.  You MUST agree and state having read and understood them to complete purchase.  
Any questions please email info@warfabarmor