Corpsman - 3rd gen Tacoma oil consumption aid

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If you wheel, or have been around the 3.5l powered 3rd gen tacomas, you know good and well they tend to smoke out, and bad.  You may have even seen the growing number of truck swapping or replacing motors due to the rods failing from this and windowing the block.  Catch cans help, but often times aren't enough, with the cans overflowing after just ONE obstacle.  

So, how do we correct this.  We find the root of the problem.  Nose up, or leaning hard driver side, the PCV is set to pick up a ton of oil and dump it right into the intake, generally into numbers 5/6 and causing a hydrolock.  Like mentioned, the pcv with a catch can doesn't fix this, it just adds a little time before  the oil anyway. 

Enter the Corpsman.  We replace the oil fill cap with a new one.  Tapped with a swivel fitting to a vacuum line.  We add another point of pickup for the pcv, and in doing so keep a free path of air to flow instead of only one, oil submerged, pick up point.  You can eliminate the factory pickup point, or T into that line and have both.  Unless the truck is completely laying on its side or upside down, there should be a clear line of air.

More details and photos soon!