WarFab sees some changes

First off, thank you for being a part of our story. It has been a crazy few years as we have grown from making some pieces in our small garage, to being in a shop, and to the most recent developments in our growth.
As some have already seen in our YouTube video, WarFab had been going through a buyout process for the last almost 2 years. You may have noticed talking to some different people here, or some changes with product availability, options, pricing and policies. Why the sell? Simple, we knew as a small shop in a remote area of Colorado, we were not keeping up with customer needs and were falling behind in the service we were, or in some cases, were not offering. Ultimately, we wanted to see the company grow in a way that would benefit the brand, and more importantly, the customers we serve, for years to come.
Unfortunately, the buyers for the company failed to meet a few deadlines and other things, that resulted in them having to walk away. So WarFab will be staying here in Montrose Colorado for a while more. However, we still need to implement changes to be better ourselves, and to make sure what we are offering our customers is the best we can give.
One of the biggest challenges we faced was lead times. We closed the website to new orders for months each year in an attempt to catch up. Yet, we always seemed to be behind. So, moving forward, there will be no lead times for the bumpers we offer. Instead, we are going to prebuild bumpers each month. Spec'd out based off popularity and demand, we will build bumpers and then at the start of each month, drop the batch. The only "lead time" being setting up and billing freight. Ultimately this will result in some customers not being able to order exactly what they want, and we know that is a pitfall of this plan. However, we feel that timeliness and efficiency is the more valuable variable.
Another change that comes from this setup, is a limit in what we actually offer. We started as a hardcore offroad, rock crawler based, light weight, and high clearance brand. We fell a bit into the demand for the kitchen sink. Adding swing outs and fuel can mounts and other items that ultimately came at a cost of time and frustration, for us, and you the customers. Those pieces also had us dive into part of the market we don't believe in, our hearts aren't into, and the products reflected that - being just industry standard instead of the level we build our rears to. So, we are going back to our roots. Focusing more on making the parts better, cleaner, and more attractive. No more swing outs will be offered - unless as an in shop custom build situation. We are also limiting what bumpers we offer. Sticking to the platforms that offer our customers the best of who we are and what we know.
What we know is this. Our products have been put through hell. Our rear bumpers, our main product, have been on some of the hardest and most extreme trails any Tacoma production products see. They do it consistently and take the abuse without fail. While other brands have set out to mimic what we do, even taking pictures and videos from in our shop to replicate off of, they fail to perform on the same level we do. We look forward to dialing in those products more, refining them to be even better, and making them for the folks that want to push their trucks to the max.
For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we thank you. For those that have supported us even when we failed, and struggled, we thank you. For those that expressed how much we were a letdown and did not satisfy, we thank you too. For those that are coming to us, either for the first time, or to try us out again, we appreciate you, and look forward to narrowing our scope, and focusing on being the best at what we do, for you.