2nd Gen Tacoma High Clearance Phantom Rear bumper

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The Phantom

We get it, the Tacomas have a pretty nasty overhang that like to drag on everything.  So you look into HC rear bumpers just to find out most of them hit, catch, drag, and bang on more stuff than stock. Seems like unless you want to carry the kitchen sink, there aren't any solid options.  We've got you! 
The Phantom is meant to be much like its namesake, the F4. Highly versatile, and ready for whatever gets thrown its way.  Designed for the folks who want 'real' high clearance, and the protection and capability that comes with it, the F4  is ready for action.  Here's the scoop.

95# base weight  

- 1.75 .120wall tube   

- Available in open tube, flat filler, or dimpled filler panels.

- New HD brackets are 3/8" thick, tying into all tube components.

- Built in recovery/shackle point.  we minimized the impact of your shackle mount, all while letting you pull directly on the bracket to the frame. 

-HD receiver mount.  We heard you loud and clear, you wanted a more prominent hitch option.  The new setup not only ties into the 3 main tubes, but also has box supports that tie directly into the frame mounts. Meets class 3 hitch requirements and will take anything the Tacoma is rated for (you will need a decent drop hitch as the receiver moves up substantially from stock location) 

-Bolt on wiring harness bracket. (only on NON ultra HC options)

- bolt on fold up license plate bracket mount for  over the receiver hitch is built in. 

Ultra HC has no receiver tube and no lower bar.(lowest price per option)

open/flat/dimpled is filler panel type. all have logo
Tree savers are the kickout style rub rails added to outer tube. (+$150) 


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