4runner/FJ tie rod sleeves.

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These are same style as the Tacoma tie rod sleeves, just adjusted for three variations in the 4runner and FJ fit. 

These are sold based off factory tie rod part numbers.   Please check what factory inner tie rod part number you have and select that for your order.
Here is a sample toyota link for the 03-09 4runner tie rods - 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR-5 4.7L 4WD Steering Tie Rod End. Suspension, Brakes - 4550339265 - Genuine Toyota Part


These are machined for us.  Starting out of 1" round stock steel, these are machined down to have a full hex head for adjustment.  They are bored out to slide over the factory tie rod with a little slack, and threaded at the one end as they replace your jam nut ( some aftermarket tie rods are larger diameter, so make sure your set is necked down at the inner boot like factory or is a factory tie rod).  To best protect against rust and corrosion, these are gold zinc plated.  These are going to block the adjustment hex on the tie rod, so you will need to use a slip jaw/clamp style tool to make alignment adjustments. Be aware that with the variety of suspension and alignment setups these may rub on parts or pieces as you cycle steering.  This is no different than any upgraded steering set up as the OD is the same. 

Pre-orders are just that, pre order, there is a wait for them to come in from machinist.  They will be shipped when their batch is on hand.  

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